Monthly Archives: October 2006

What Happened to the "Independent Study" of the Effects of Electric Industry Restructuring on Reliability?

Blackout Task Force Recommends an Independent StudyThe Joint U.S. Canada Task Force Final Report on the widespread Northeast blackout of August 14, 2003 issued a number of recommendations. Number 12 was to “Commission an independent study of the relationships among restructuring, competition, and reliability.” The blackout occurred mainly in states that had “restructured” their electricity Read more…

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Power Outages, Utility Regulation, and New Utility Holding Company Structures

Reliability under the PSC’s “Performance-Based Regulation” Recent long duration electric power outages in hot weather and slow recovery after storms have raised concerns about reliability, the level of utility investment in infrastructure, and commitment of staff and resources to preventive maintenance. These concerns may be related to the trend of state utility regulation, which has Read more…

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RG&E Tightening Collection Policies

Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E) may be tightening its collection practices for customers in arrears who are threatened with termination of their electricity or natural gas service. An August 2006 news report indicated that the company in the past had restored service with a partial payment from the customer, without the customer having entered into Read more…

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