Monthly Archives: September 2007

Marketizer Revisionism: FERC Reinvents Itself as Overseer of Markets, Abandoning Review of Utility Rates

Traditionally, reasonableness of wholesale electric rates has been determined by some measure of cost and the level of utility profit, neither of which have been matters of much concern to FERC lately. This is because FERC is attempting to substitute competition and markets for price regulation. In essence, FERC prefers to be more like the Read more…

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More Doubts About FERC’s Market Rate Regime From Ninth Circuit

In several opinions in recent years, the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has remanded cases to FERC to consider refunds to remedy flagrant market rate manipulation by sellers with FERC-approved “market-based rates.” Also, for at least five years, consumer advocates have been asking FERC and the federal courts to consider whether the FERC Read more…

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Excelsior! Con Edison Residential Rates Spike (Again)

Typical Bill ReportsThe New York Public Service Commission (PSC) for many years has published a series of reports on typical utility customer bills for each major customer class. These reports show what a typical electric bill would be at various levels of usage and permit comparison of prices of the major electric utilities. The reports Read more…

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