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PULP Files Reply Comments on the PSC’s Proposed ESCO Marketing Standards

PULP has submitted reply comments in the PSC proceeding regarding new standards applicable to Energy Service Companies (“ESCOs”) operating in the state. In the comments, PULP rebutted arguments and claims of ESCOs that early termination fees should be permitted when customers switch back to the distribution utility or to another ESCO for service that ESCOs Read more…

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Bill Would Require PSC to More Closely Scrutinize Telephone Area Code Changes

State Assembly members have filed a bill, A11082, that would require the Public Service Commission to more closely scrutinize the need for telephone area code changes, and to investigate in a public evidentiary process the possibility of avoiding the cost and inconvenience of unnecessary area code changes by reclaiming existing numbers that are unused and Read more…

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Assembly Passes Bill to Expand Low-Income Telephone Lifeline Assistance

BackgroundTelephone Lifeline and Linkup assistance can provide meaningful reductions in the cost of telephone service for low-income persons. For example, the monthly bills of a low-income Verizon Lifeline customer are reduced by approximately $13.50. Linkup can reduce the Verizon charge for a premises visit to install phone service from approximately $91 to $5. All states Read more…

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NY PSC Asks FERC Not to Limit Access to NYISO Market Data

The New York Public Service Commission (PSC) recently filed comments with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) warning that a proposed new FERC rule could limit access to information and market data from the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) needed by the PSC for its oversight. The NYISO operates private markets for determining wholesale Read more…

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Parties File Statements Supporting Proposed Settlement of Con Edison Queens Outage Prudence Proceeding

The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) is considering a Joint Proposal for ending the PSC proceeding to review prudence of costs associated with the extended Con Edison outage in Queens beginning July 17, 2006. See Parties Propose Resolution of Con Edison Queens Outage Prudence Proceeding. The signatories to the proposal have filed their Read more…

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AMPS, a Submetering Company, Withdraws Request for Court Injunction to Shut off Tenant’s Electricity

In an apparently unprecedented move, American Metering and Planning Services (AMPS), a company that provides billing and metering service to apartment building owners who submeter electricity to tenants, commenced a lawsuit to collect unpaid charges from a tenant, claiming that AMPS is “entitled to a mandatory injunction requiring . . . access to the subject Read more…

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