Monthly Archives: January 2009

Governor Paterson Announces Energy Agenda in "State of the State" Message: More Efficiency, More Renewables

In his first State of the State Message on January 7 Governor Paterson announced his goal that “45 percent of New York State’s electricity needs will be met through improved energy efficiency and greater use of clean renewable energy by 2015.” The supporting factsheet summary of his “45 by 15” proposal explains that the state’s Read more…

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FERC Chairman Kelliher Resigns; Who Will President Obama Pick?

Decisions by FERC on wholesale electricity rates have an enormous impact on New York consumers because of the Public Service Commission’s decisions in recent years, which led most New York utilities to sell their power plants, with the result that now more power must be bought in federally (de)regulated wholesale markets at flawed “market-based rates” Read more…

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