Pros and Cons of VLC Player for PC/Laptop on Windows 7/8.1/10!!

Are you looking for a reliable and stable media player which will play all of your media files in any format? Then we have found the best media player for you, which you can download completely for free! Download the Latest Version of VLC Player on your computers on all versions of Windows; starting from Windows XP SP3 up to the latest version of Windows 10. However, if you have an older version of Windows, worry not! You can always download the older version of VLC Player for PC and enjoy the same benefits and features from the best media player; VLC player for PC.

What are Some of the Biggest Disadvantages of VLC Player for PC?:

  1. The user interface is pretty basic, it could do with some more advanced customizations.
  2. The user interface for Mac users is better than that for Windows PC users.

What are the advantages of VLC Player for PC which make it the perfect media player? :

  1. It is extremely flexible, stable and lightweight
  2. It has a file size of 30.95 MB only, which means that you can easily download it on your computer without having to worry about it eating up your hard disk space
  3. Supports BlueRay as well as HD
  4. VLC Player for PC also supports embedded as well as external subtitles, including ASS and DVD subtitles as well
  5. You can enjoy an improved version of VLC Player for PC on the version 2 of it, with improved features, benefits and a better user interface
  6. Play your media files in a wide range of formats without having to convert them into a supportable format first. VLC Player supports various formats from MPEG to MP3, FLV, RMBV and much more
  7. Enjoy VLC Players integration with various web channel streaming services such as ESPN,, National Geographic, and many more channels you can enjoy from, for free
  8. The entire file can be downloaded for free without any in app costs or additional hidden costs
  9. The user interface is extremely easy to use even for first time users of VLC Player for PC
  10. VLC Player for PC can also be used for video playback
  11. Enjoy unlimited free downloads as well as uploads on VLC Player for PC from your Wi-Fi
  12. Can be downloaded for Windows PC, Mac, iOS devices as well as VLC for Android devices
  13. Even though the interface is quite basic and simple, you can enjoy various advanced features on VLC Player for PC. Some of these features include- multiple pre-sets, audio and video equalizer, AtmoLight video effects, overlays, customizable range of compression settings, subtitle synchronisation, and many more advanced features

Pros and Cons of VLC Player for PC on Windows:

VLC Player is one of the best, most popular high quality media players which you can download for your PC. The downloading process is extremely simple and completely free. You do not need to pay any money for any additional purchases or hidden costs as well. Simply download VLC Player for PC and start playing all of your favourite media files in almost any format! You do not need to download any other additional app or converter for your media files, as VLC Player for PC is compatible with almost all kinds of media file formats, including many exotic file formats.

Even though VLC Player has been in the market for 10 years, it is still the most popular, well-loved and most advanced media player that you can download. Several other media players have been developed and released in the market, but none of them compare to VLC Player. Download VLC Player for PC today and enjoy the wide range of advantages which you can get only with this amazing media player.

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