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FERC ALJ Decides Motions of Parties Seeking Role in Proposing to FERC Uses of Disgorged $78 Million NYISO Market Gaming Profits, Clarifies Process.

On July 11, 2012, a FERC ALJ decided motions regarding “eligiblity” of parties to recommend how FERC will allocate disgorged profits from alleged gaming of NYISO electricity markets.  The fund is for the benefit of electricity consumers.  See New York Formulating Plans to Use $78 Million Disgorged by Energy Trader for the Benefit of Electricity Consumers, PULP Network, Read more…

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Con Edison Locks Out Employees Who Are Union Members

On July 1 Con Edison locked out approximately 8,000 of its employees who are union members in a dispute over concessions sought by the company.  According to Crain’s, “[m]any of the biggest and most politically powerful unions in the state are putting their resources behind the small utility workers union that represents the 8,500 employees locked Read more…

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