Monthly Archives: November 2013

California ALJs Reject Utility Proposal for Pre-Pay Electric Meters with Remote Shutoff, Illustrating Important Role of Utility Consumer Advocates

On November 22, 2013, Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) for the California Public Utilities Commission (CAPUC) issued a Proposed Decision in a San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) case rejecting the utility’s proposal to install pre-pay meters as a “pilot” project. Utility service is typically provided as a credit transaction, in that customer pays after the service Read more…

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Verizon Misses Service Quality Standards, Again

Today the New York Public Service Commission issued a report, received at its November 14 session, indicating that Verizon again missed major service quality targets.  Here is the conclusion of the Third Quarter 2013 Service Quality Report: The Commission’s approval of Verizon’s revised SQIP in December 2010 established a new reporting paradigm for the company. Read more…

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The Buffalo News: National Fuel near settlement on ‘excess’ profit probe

The Buffalo News — A potential settlement could be close in the state Public Service Commission’s rate case with National Fuel Gas Co. and its probe into whether it should recover “excess” profits that the Amherst-based utility earned over the last few years and refund them to customers. Six of the seven parties involved in Read more…

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