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PSC Launches New Phase of ESCO Policy Development, Shifting from Resale of Electricity and Gas to “Value-Added” Services

Data obtained in 2012 by the Utility Project in discovery from Niagara Mohawk, which is the most comprehensive data sample publicly available,  indicates that over the two year period ending July 2012, residential customers paid $129.4 million more for ESCO service than they would have paid had they not switched.  On February 25, 2014 the New Read more…

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Budget Bill Would Give PSC Authority to Waive Telephone Regulation and Allow Major Increases in Basic Phone Service and Mergers Without Hearings

Under this year’s Executive Budget proposal, the Public Service Commission seeks the power to forbear from enforcing a list of statutes applicable to telephone service regulation. The rationale proffered in support of the bill is to “streamline” PSC regulation and to reduce agency costs by reducing telephone service regulation.   The sections listed for forbearance Read more…

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FERC Urged Not to Go Overboard on Wholesale Electricity Capacity Markets – New York Needs Independent State Consumer Advocate

Consumer and other groups filed a request with FERC last month, asking the agency not to expand the role of wholesale spot markets for electricity capacity.  For reliability purposes, retail utilities individually and collectively must have the ability to meet their customers’ demand for electricity on the day of predicted highest usage, plus a reserve Read more…

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