Monthly Archives: March 2016

ESCOs Claim their Prices for Electric and Gas Utility Service are “Trade Secrets” that Can’t be Revealed by NY PSC

Right now, there is a quiet battle occurring out of the sight of most energy consumers in New York. The battle is between the Energy Services Company (ESCO) industry, and the Public Service Commission’s (PSC) Records Access Officer (RAO), over whether or not ESCOs can keep their price information secret and out of the public Read more…

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Report Cites Need for More Consumer Protection in Solar Rooftop Deals

A new report,  “Solar Power on the Roof and in the Community: Recommendations for Consumer Protection Policies”, addresses the need for essential consumer protection policies to govern the burgeoning markets for residential rooftop solar systems and community solar projects, with particular focus upon consumer protections specific to solar lease and sale transactions, with disclosures and Read more…

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