8 Best OMG tips that drive women crazy

8 Best OMG tips that drive women crazy

We all have heard of Jhonny Sinns and his multi-talented skills. You probably envied him and wanted to be him. Well perhaps, you might not become Jhonny Sins but you sure as hell, won’t be a disappointment if you follow these tips.


Start by massaging her thighs right down to her ankles. Use some kind of oil while messaging to increase the comfort. Then focus on her feet, message the hell and all parts underneath. Then turn your attention towards the toes and stretch them individually. And if you can take it, start sucking her toes.

2. Ask her about her fetishes.

Directly ask her what she likes to have the meal. She’s the customer and you’re the waiter plus the chef. So before you cook her, make you sure you know what ingredients you’re going to cook her with. Nobody wants a spicy senorita to get cold. Plus, she’ll probably like it and return the favor to help you get grilled as well.

3. Boost your foreplay

Always remember that quality is better than quantity. Learn tricks, apply them and improve her mood. The more turned on she gets, the better the main course will taste. Always give the appetizer to the female first. Finger her, stroke her, kiss her, talk dirty to her, make her cum and feel comfortable.

4. Start slowly

Don’t just directly go and rub her clitoris. I mean yeah that’s the place you would want to go for but direct rubbing hurts a little. So what you are going to do is, tease it a little, stroke it, then when it reacts focus your attention to something else, the again continue teasing it. In this way, the discomfort will subside and your girl will start to feel good.

5. Use the figure 8 tongue technique

The figure-8 tongue technique: when you’re near her clit, lick that area in figure 8 like motion. Turn her on with sucking until the little button swells up; carefully expose the area with your fingers. Use your tongue to circle the exposed area left to right. With the rougher side of the tongue which is the top, flick the swelled area from side to side and then, go up and down. Constantly, alternate your figure 8 angles. Change the sides your applying pressure to and make sure you alter the side of the tongue you’re using.

6. Increase your Repertoire

Increasing the number of techniques in your sleeve is a must. Exactly like Kyrie Irving said, always keep combos and counter combos in your arsenal. Nobody should expect what you are going to do. Learn a couple of tricks. Rotate among them and when the time is right, go with full force using one. Oral foreplay is probably the most arousing part of this activity. The better this part, the more seasoned will the later ones taste.

7. The part one should never neglect

This part is often considered mere blocks in the vagina pathway. Negligence of this part is one of the biggest mistakes men make. The labia are packed with nerve endings and are therefore quite responsive to stimulation. Rub it and tease these walls. Hold each of these between your thumb and forefinger. Message it and move up and down. Or use all your palms and fingers; move them in a similar motion to that of a baker making the dough.

8. Find the best G-spot position

G-spot is one of the key elements in female orgasm. Unlike males, just contraction cannot make a female reach orgasm. One must stimulate the G-spot orgasm, in order to make the female reach that state. The g-spot is the hard muscle mass inside the top of a vagina. It’s a little deep, so having long fingers is a bonus while you’re still using your hand. During the intercourse period, certain positions allow you to reach deeper inside the women. One of these positions is known as doggy style. Doggy style is basically going down on her from the rear end. Or you try the reverse missionary.

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