Best Mountain Bikes- Bring Joy To Your Ride

Mountain biking is one of the most adventurous experience for the people who are natives of such stations. It is an environment friendly vehicle which allows the rider to control speed on its own and enjoy the weather on the other hand. A mountain bike or a bicycle is a unique designed off road vehicle which share common features with other on-road bikes. There are certain top niche features found in the mountain bikes under $500 that ensures durability, performance and control on the mountain. The main components inherited in the mountain bikes are- powerful brakes, lower gear ratio, heavy duty wheel structure, large knob tires, strong frame and fork.

What is the purpose of mountain bikes?

When you can ride an ordinary bike on a mountain, then what is the use of a mountain bike? Actually mountain bikes are unique in shape, and designed according to the rough terrain areas of the mountain. They have tires that can adopt mountain trails, Logging roads, fire in between the mountain roads and ruts. The bikes are also competent in handling loose sand, gravels roots, soiled corners of the road and steep grades. No matter what obstacle comes on the way, you can ride a bike comfortably without falling or getting injured. They have shockers that swiftly shift upward and downward during the heavy jumps or uneven surface rides.

Different mountain bikes categories

While you are taking a look at the best mountain bikes you should also consider some valuable categories available in the market. However, here are some categories elaborated below that are based on the suspension configuration only-

  • Hard tail- this is a kind of a bicycle that is equipped with a rigid frame as well as suspension fork.
  • Soft tail- mountain bike which falls in the category of soft tail have no rear and front suspension. In fact, they have rigid frame and few front forks. They are built in flexible shockers and absorb small jumps and bumps only that come in the way to mountain. They are cheaper in cost than the hard tail and usually available on all bicycle stores in different sizes.
  • Rigid- this type of bicycle has hard tail with rigid fork and there is no provision for the front or rear suspension.
  • Full suspension or dual design- this is a kind of a bicycle that is equipped with all features such as front and rear suspensions. Telescopic fork is also present in the motor bike. Moreover, shock absorber is also given in this category of mountain bike.

 Where to buy

You can buy the best mountain bikes through the online portal. There are bicycle dealers who have gained amazing reviews by the past buyers. The cost effective mountain bikes have great suspension, shockers, advanced gear system and are able to handle deep bumps which are usually found on hill regions. Many companies offer discounts and cash back deals on the purchase of higher models. So what are you waiting for? Get set go! Have an adventurous trip to mountain with your bike which will actually justify the meaning of travelling on the roads of mountains.

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