How To Install Successfully The MS Office Setup?

Microsoft office is a comprehensive suite which offers productive utility services such as MS excel Power Point, OneNote, Publisher, MS word and Access. All the programs present in the office suite represents Microsoft’s product key. It is the most useful commercial software that is applicable for all the sectors of the world. The basic office setup is necessary to own when you purchase a new OS or laptop. Even in smartphones, Ms Office suite is available so that you can read, write and edit documents on the go without even opening your windows oriented laptop.

Nowadays, the expensive laptops which has genuine windows 10, contains MS office setup with license key in a pre-installed status. You don’t have to get a CD drive to get it installed by the computer geek or the seller. However, the genuine Microsoft office suite updates on its own at the time of new apprises is available by the windows. All you are supposed to do is, keep your system connected to the secure internet network and enable the auto update key.

How to setup office?

If you have bought a laptop or a personal computer and there is no PC suite installed, then you can get it done in an easy manner by using the DVD drive available with the computer geeks in the local market. The original and new MS office suit is expensive and have unique product key. Until and unless you allow someone to copy the software setup file, it cannot be shared by anyone else on other devices. Hence, computer experts usually install a copied software copy. They have a CD which has 14 or 16 digit product key which is entered once file is installed successfully.

Steps to install and setup file:

  • First of all, insert a Microsoft office CD into the DVD drive section. The OS will read the CD and ask you to click on start. You have to click twice in case windows fail to show or launch the setup file automatically.
  • Secondly, enter the product key which is written on the CD drive or the document attached to it. Click on continue tab and read all license related terms and conditions. At the bottom you will be asked to accept the Terms of This Agreement box. After a tick check, you are supposed to go on continue button.
  • Thirdly, click on the tab button called customize. Select the initial program or a tool from the list and select the option “Run all From My Computer”.
  • At last, you have to repeat the same steps again for each application. Finally, click on the option “Install Now” so that the entre features of the MS office could be operational for future use effectively.

Is it available online?

Yes, at various websites or the official Microsoft website you can get the genuine MS office setup file on a certain price. You can pay through the net banking or my wallet options. Moreover, some websites offer free latest office setup download.

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