The Rumored Windows 9 : What Is It All About ?

Windows 9 launch is much anticipated by many. Windows had lost its title of the maker of the best ever operating systems for home computing, which is mainly due to the unsuccessful run of its latest offering the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 lost out to the competition owing mainly due to the loss of its traditional graphical user interface. Microsoft had made some radical changes to the user interface of its long bestselling product. Logitech headset driver It was a move that did not go down well for its established users. The users of Microsoft cherish the fact that through their operating systems have been adequately upgraded from time to time, it never lost its original simple to use layout. Introduction of new attributes like that of the Metro interface that supports touch screen and other android-like features made windows lose its old and long-standing familiarity.

Windows would not allow this trend to continue for long as it risked its profits as well as reputation. So they decided to launch their new and upgraded operating system. The Windows 9 launch was thus conceived. Windows is rumored to bring back the highly popular windows vista interface to windows 9. This regaining measure to launch a tried and tested interface with advanced security features of Windows 9 will be well-received move.

Windows is also expected rather rumored to develop an all-new engine for this latest offering of theirs. This though will be a much welcoming fact it is highly improbable given the sheer shortage of time between the two launches. Even it is an in-house developed upgrade it will require some time before it is actually made a reality from paper and equations.

Windows is rumored to retain the DirectX 9 graphics card type for their Windows 9 operating system. This is highly probable given that it is one of the best there is to satisfy individuals and entrepreneurs alike. Hardcore gamers and other who require even more upgraded products can always opt for products from Nvidia.

There is also rumors about that Windows will not continue features like Windows Go for Windows 9. This is hard to speculate as it was one of the strongest features in the Windows 8 versions designed for commercial and information technology administrators.

Other configurations will remain same in spite of the rumors. This is because the hardware requirements for Windows are found almost in every household computer that is in use today. A processor speed of up to 1GhZ and a RAM of 1 or 2 GB depending on the architecture and HDD of 16 GB or 20 GB depending upon the configuration is all that will be required.

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