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New York’s Utility Project Law Manual

Designed as a reference tool for advocates dealing with the problems of low income energy and telecom consumers; the law manual is also useful for ratepayers and others seeking an in-depth understanding of the topics discussed on the New York’s Utility Project website.

The law manual is under revision and we will continue to make new sections available.

I. Rights and Protections for Utility Customers

1. Rights of Residential Gas and Electricity Customers (Home Energy Fair Practices Act, “HEFPA”)

2. Rights of New York Heating Fuel Customers

3. Rights of Residential Telephone Customers (Telephone Fair Practices Act (TFPA))

4. Rights of Residential Water Customers

5. New York Truth in Heating Law

6. Complaint Handling Procedures

7. Shared Meters

8. Replevin or Seizure of Utility Meters

9. Third Party Liability for Utility Bills (coming soon)

II. Low-Income Assistance (coming soon)

1. Home Energy Assistance Program

2. Weatherization Assistance Program

3. Public Assistance for Energy and Utility Costs

4. Social Services Law § 131-s Fuel Assistance

5. Telephone Lifeline Program

6. Utility-Sponsored Low Income Programs

7. Public Housing Utility Allowances

8. Public Assistance for Water


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