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Your voice matters to us.  As we work to advocate on behalf of you and your neighbors, we need your help. Information on our most pressing campaigns are provided and we want you to learn more and take action.

Learn More

Education is power. Each of our campaign topics allows you to read more about what’s at stake and the key issues we are aware of and attempting to address. You can learn about our legal filings and see the most recent media coverage.

And once you learn more…

Take Action

Your thoughts and opinions matter to us. We have provided you a forum to post your comments and take surveys related to each campaign as well as learn how to organize a meeting with others who care about these issues. You can also sign-up (link) to receive updated information.

Most importantly, we want you to advocate with us by contacting your legislators, senators and members of Congress.  See links to find your representatives under each campaign.  You can contact them directly, and you can identify them in your survey responses – which we compile and forward to each representative. (Do both: you’ll be sending a powerful message to decision-makers).

Visit our current Speak Out! Campaign pages:

Con Edison Rates – Already Unaffordable

National Fuel Gas Earnings Rise, Low-Income Discounts Uncertain

Save money by switching your electricity or gas supplier?  Think Twice.

Shut-offs – Rising Again, Years into Great Recession

Time Warner Phone Customers Protected. Other Cable Phone Customers?

And if you ever have any question or need more information, contact us.

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