Filing Complaints

shutterstock_147529514shutterstock_100882081If you’re without electric or gas service or are threatened with termination of service and have a dispute with the utility, call the Public Service Commission (PSC) Hotline at 1-800-342-3355.

Please visit this site to file Complaints.

You can complain toll free to the PSC about electric, gas, telephone, water and cable TV service at 1-800-342-3377.  However, the PSC does not entertain a complaint until the customer has first complained, without satisfaction, to their utility.

Complaints to the Utility

Complaints about bills for service, deposits and reliability must be made first to the utility.  The utility must:

  • Promptly and fairly investigate complaints and report results to the customer.
  • Inform you that you can get a written report and provide one at your request.
  • Inform you that the PSC is available to review the report if it is at all favorable to the utility, and provide you with the PSC’s address and telephone number.

The utility cannot terminate your service for any disputed portions of your bill while your complaint is being investigated and for 15 days after resolution.

Complaints to the Public Service Commission (PSC)

Complaints to the PSC about bills for utility service, deposits and deferred payment agreements occur in three stages:

1. The PSC promptly and factually investigates the customer’s complaint and reports findings to both you and the utility.

2. The PSC, upon request by either party, conducts an informal review or hearing of the initial decision. An informal hearing is a review based on verbal and written testimony where the parties have a right to be represented. The burden of proof in any customer complaint, hearing or review is on the utility.

3. The PSC, upon appeal of an informal decision by either party and at its discretion, may affirm, modify or reverse the decision of an informal hearing or review. Appeals must be in writing and specifically state grounds for error. (Appeal of a PSC decision is conducted through an Article 78 proceeding.)

At each stage, the PSC will notify the parties about any required actions, and inform them of any further procedures available. The parties are entitled to a written report upon request. The utility cannot terminate your service for any disputed part of your bill while your complaint is being investigated and 15 days after the PSC issues its determination.

For answers to specific questions about complaints, see the Electricity and Natural Gas Frequently Asked Questions.

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