Monthly Archives: October 2007

PSC Asked to Investigate Grid’s "Grand Plan"

Grid’s “Grand Plan”National Grid is withholding service to applicants who owe money for service to closed accounts if a prior written payment agreement on the old account was not paid in full when the account was closed. The utility has been insisting upon an up front payment of $1,000 (“one grand”), or the entire balance Read more…

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Lou Manuta Joins PULP Staff

PULP is pleased to announce that Louis Manuta, Esq. recently joined our staff. Lou has been a practicing attorney and legal editor since 1989 when he graduated from the National Law Center at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He relocated to New York’s capital region in 1995 after several years in Washington, DC covering Read more…

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New York Restructuring: It Was About Price

New Yorkers Pay More for ElectricityToday, New York electric consumers pay more than those in states that continued conventional state utility regulation. More troubling, the gap between New York and the states that did not drink the restructuring Kool-Aid is widening, making New York less competitive in the national economy. This is illustrated in an Read more…

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