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Comcast Signals More Hard Sell Tactics to Increase Residential Customer Revenue if it Acquires Time Warner Cable

Recently, a recording of a Comcast customer rep who would not promptly implement a customer request to cancel service went viral on the internet.  See Brad Chacos, Listen to the Comcast customer service call from hell, PC World July 15, 2014. “Instead of merely honoring the request, the Comcast rep turned aggressive, barreling down a spiral Read more…

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New York’s Utility Project wins ruling that Time Warner phone service quality reports to NY State Department of Public Service are not “trade secrets” and must be made public

In connection to the Comcast/Time Warner merger, Time Warner claimed  it could not provide service quality reports because they revealed “trade secrets.” This claim was denied by the Records Access Officer of the New York State Department of Public Service after the consumer advocate organization requested the reports. New York’s Utility Project has launched a Read more…

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What Comcast and Time Warner Don’t Want the Public to Know

We previously indicated that there is insufficient information in the Comcast/Time Warner merger petition and in the public record of the case at the PSC from which one could conclude that the merger satisfies the “public interest” test.  That test requires a demonstration that positive incremental benefits due to a merger will outweigh its risks Read more…

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